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Collaboration Centre

The Collaboration Centre was established to develop a comprehensive reciprocal network for Hong Kong's ICT start-ups and SMEs, helping them to explore, establish a presence in, and capture emerging business opportunities in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas markets. By encouraging business alliances and talent exchanges between the Hong Kong ICT industry and its overseas and mainland counterparts, the Centre promotes the long-term development of Hong Kong as a digital economy


  • Facilitate partnerships and alliances between Hong Kong's ICT SMEs and global enterprises to achieve mutual success.
  • Provide business support to ICT SMEs in Hong Kong to enable them to tap into the overseas and Mainland China markets.
  • Promote the exchange of technology and talent between Hong Kong and worldwide ICT enterprises to fuel the growth of the ICT industry in Hong Kong.
  • Establish a channel through which overseas and PRC-headquartered ICT enterprises can easily access Cyberport in Hong Kong.
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Incubatee Klook Travel secures US$5 million in Series A funding

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Cyberport launches Cyberport University Partnership Programme (CUPP) with Stanford

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Cyberport’s signature schemes see record high applications

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