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Tech Events

ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1 / SubCommittee 27 Meeting
Date: 07-04-2014 - 15-04-2014
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Venue: Meeting venues at Cyberport 1 & 3

International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) are international standard-setting authorities. Renowned international experts will meet to consider techniques and guidelines on information protection and IT security. For details, please visit http://www.sc27.hk.

Date: 7-11, 14-15 April 2014

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Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum unveils the new esports venue to power up the ecosystem

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DELF spotlights the best of esports and digital entertainment extravaganza and opens new esports venue

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CyberLink Vol.128 May 2019

InsurTech start-up OneDegree attracts BitRock, Cyberport Marco Fund, Cathay Venture in Series A extension

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