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Tech Events

TEDxHongKongLive: TED2015 TRUTH & DARE
Date: 21-03-2015
Time: 10:00 - 16:00
Venue: Ocean View Court, the Arcade; Function Rooms and Training Theatre, Cyberport 3

TEDxHongKong is proud to announce our TED2015 simultaneous broadcast event which will also feature a lineup of dynamic and award-winning Hong Kong-based speakers. The event will be held on March 21st, 2015 at the Hong Kong Cyberport between 10.00am to 4:00pm. 

This will be a simulcast of brand new TED Talks from the TED 2015 Conference in Vancouver. For TED2015, we're on a quest to magnify both facets. We will seek to challenge and reshape our core beliefs about today's reality. And at the same time celebrate the thinkers, dreamers and mavericks who offer bold new alternatives. Welcome to ... Truth and Dare. 

Participants of TEDxHongKongLive TE
D2015 will be stimulated, challenged and inspired by speakers both in Vancouver and in Hong Kong. Similar to previous TEDx events, this year’s conference will provide an experience that consists not just of lectures, but also of opportunities for synergies to exist. The event will feature curated discussion time for community building and meaningful networking beyond the event.

For more information and tickets, please go to 
www.tedxhongkong.org or email us a contact@tedx.hk. Follow us on Twitter @TEDxHongKong or Facebook atfacebook.com/TEDxHongKong. Official event hashtags are #TEDxHK #TEDxHongKongLive and #TEDx.

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