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DNSSEC.Asia Summit 2012
Date: 29-08-2012
Time: 14:00 - 17:00
Venue: Training Room 1-3, Core F, Cyberport 3

Organized by Internet Society Hong Kong, Cyberport, ICANN and NSRC, we proudly present one of the biggest DNSSEC event in Hong Kong. 

DNSSEC is a security measure that protects Internet users from getting infected with cache poisoning. If an user is impaired, without their knowing their identity and information could be compromised while accessing the Internet. DNSSEC safeguard the Internet by creating a "chain of trust" that requires secret password in order for exchange of information at all levels of the domain.

The half day seminar will focus on the various attack vectors through insecure DNS and ways to mitigate them with DNSSEC. Thanks to DNSSEC, it will open doors for future application development which will impact how e·commerce and e·government operates.

The 2-day workshop will provide technical hands-on experience and cover key management topics. This workshop is targeted for technical staff/systems and network engineers working for ISP/ASPs, banks, higher education, government agencies, or those already familiar with DNS. Through a mix of presentations and hands-on labs, we'll cover the DNSSEC security extensions in detail, including the differences with insecure DNS and how to sign the zone.


For event details, please check  here.

REGISTER: Click here


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