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About the Event

Cyberport and Let’s Code take pride to jointly organise this world-class educational event “Cyberport Minecraft Education Symposium – CODE, STEM and A.I. in Hong Kong this summer!
This symposium aims at bringing together leaders, educators and influencers in the Minecraft domain from different parts of the world to share cross-cultural knowledge and experience with our local educators, industry practitioners and users. How Minecraft will empower coding, STEM education, as well as A.I. will be thoroughly discussed. The power and unlimited potentials of Minecraft in education and unlimited are to be unleashed from it!

Why Minecraft education?

With more than 100 million players worldwide, Minecraft is much more than a game about breaking and placing blocks where players construct a virtual landscape alone or with friends, building structures and fending off monsters along the way. It is increasingly being introduced into the classroom, allowing teachers to customize lessons and students to engage with concepts in a wide variety of ways, ushering in a new direction in coding and STEM education

Programme Summary

  • Cyberport Minecraft Education Symposium

    8 July, 2016 (Fri) - 09:00-13:00

  • Concurrent educator workshops

    9 July, 2016 (Sat) - 10:30-12:30

Target Audiences

School Heads

School IT in-charge

All subject teachers

STEM educators

Technology integrators

University Professors

Government officials




Santeri Koivisto

Co-founder & CEO, TeacherGaming

Mark Nagurski


Johan Kruger

Consulting Educational Game Creator, DragNOZ

André Chercka

Co-founder, Playbench

John Huen

CEO & Founder, LetsCode, KodingKingdom

Dr. Gary Wong

Lecturer, Mathematics and Information Technology, Education University of Hong Kong

Dr. XiaoJuan Ma

Assistant professor of Human-Computer Interaction, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, HKUST

Dr. Kening Zhu

Assistant professor in School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

Akao Akaishi

Known as Akaishi Sensei (Akaishi Teacher), is a Youtube and Niconico Video personality that teaches Redstone Circuit


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