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FAQ about the Cyberport Creative
Micro Fund – Cross-Boundary Programme – Cyberport Greater bay Area Young Entrepreneurship Programme

Does the Cyberport Greater Bay Area Young Entrepreneurship Programme have programme co-organisers?

The programme co-organisers include Hong Kong Information Technology Joint Council (HKITJC), PKU-HKUST Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institution , The Shenzhen-Hong Kong Union for Promoting Science and Technology and the Guangdong Software Industry Association (GDSIA), Macao Young Entrepreneur Incubation Centre and The Association for Promotion of Science and Technology of Macau.

This programme is receiving support from Hong Kong and Guangdong governments, ICT industry, education industry, youth and entrepreneurship organisations.

When can I apply for the programme?

For details, please refer to Application Timeline.

If I do not have any idea nor team, could I apply?

Yes. 1st stage application is to be done on an individual basis. You may form teams during or after the entrepreneurship boot camp. Moreover, mentors, start-ups, entrepreneurs and applicants that you will meet during the boot camp and online platform may inspire you with creative ideas. You may also join others’ team and work on their projects.

How to apply the programme if I currently have a team?

Each team member should submit their own 1st stage application online. During the entrepreneurship boot camp, you may recruit new members to your team.

How can I apply for the programme?

Stage 1: Individuals should complete the online application form with required documents before application deadline.

Stage 2: You need to form a team of at least 2 members from Hong Kong and Macau or Guangdong region. At least 50% of your team members must be Hong Kong ID Card holder(s). Each project should submit one Joint Application Form.

Details please refer to Application process.

Will you keep my idea a secret?

All CCMF applications are treated with strict confidentiality. Successful applicants may be required to share their ideas with a broader audience.

If I have more than one idea/project, could I apply at the same time?

Yes, provided that the idea(s)/project(s) are totally different. You may also join different teams as long as application requirements are fulfilled.

Is there an application fee or fee for joining the entrepreneurship boot camp?

No, there is no fee for the application process. If you are shortlisted to join the entrepreneurship boot camp, Cyberport will provide transportation, accommodation and meals to the participants during activity. No training fee will be charged.

If the project has been completely rolled out to the market or in well-developed sales pipeline, can I apply?

No. CCMF encourages innovation and creativity, offering grant and various support to high potential digital tech projects and business ideas. Successful applicants should produce proof of concepts and prototypes. Therefore, products and services already launched and sold in the market may not suitable for the programme.

However, welcome individuals, teams, start-ups, SME and enterprises to apply CCMF for new ideas and projects as well as join others’ team and work on their projects.

How is the CCMF grant distributed?

The HK$100,000 is provided in three stages to the Hong Kong Principal Applicant (Individual Applications) or the Hong Kong company (Company Applications). You get HK$10,000 when you sign the agreement. You get another HK$45,000 after Cyberport approved the interim report. Your final HK$45,000 is paid after Cyberport has approved the final report.

What do I need to submit to apply?

All applicants need to submit the online application form and hard copy application form (if required) with supporting documents through our online portal and via mail.

Can I apply CCMF Cross-Boundary Programme and Cyberport Incubation Programme at the same time?

You cannot apply for CCMF with a project that is incubating. However, you can apply for CCMF with an entirely different project.

When teams complete their projects in CCMF, they can apply Cyberport Incubation Programme for project continuity.

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