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FAQ about the Cyberport Creative
Micro Fund – Hong Kong Programme

1. What is the difference between Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF) and Cyberport Incubation Programme (CIP)?

CCMF and CIP are two distinctive programmes. Applicants should assess their project status and needs before applying for the programme.

CCMF encourages innovation and creativity by sponsoring high potential digital tech start-up projects and business ideas. Successful applicants will receive a HK$100,000 grant over a six-month project period to produce proof of concepts and prototypes.

If your project is in the idea stage or at the early development stage and minimum viable product (MVP) has not been developed before programme admission (if admitted), you are eligible to apply CCMF. If the prototype / MVP of your project is developed or launched or in a business stage, you may consider applying for CIP.

CIP supports entrepreneurs and start-ups with resources that aim to accelerate their growth. In addition to a range of business and professional services, incubatees get up to HK$500,000 support over 24 months.

2. Can I apply both CCMF and CIP at the same intake with the same project?

If an applicant of the same or similar project applying for CCMF and CIP at the same intake, Cyberport shall only consider the application of CIP without further notice.

3. There are two categories of CCMF: Professional Stream and Hong Kong Young Entrepreneur Programme (HKYEP), what competitive advantage does each category offer?

Applicant can choose either Professional Stream or HKYEP. The difference between them is mainly the age criterion. Applicants of Professional Stream must be 18 years old or above upon the application deadline. For HKYEP, all applicants of individual applications and company applications must be 18-30 years old upon application deadline.

If there is not all team members aged 18-30, applicants should apply for Professional Stream. Otherwise, applicants can apply for either Professional Stream or HKYEP.

Applicants can apply as individuals or on behalf of their companies. Individual applicants must be Hong Kong Identity Card holders. Company applicants must have a limited company registered and incorporated in Hong Kong upon successful admission.

Vetting Meeting and Presentation Session of the two streams will be conducted separately. The independent vetting team will evaluate the applicants with reference to 4 criteria, including creativity and innovation of the project, management team experience and ability, market viability, business model and proposed milestones, social responsibility etc. and select the high potential applicants.

4. If I am not a Hong Kong ID Card holder, can I apply CCMF Hong Kong Programme?

Yes, you can apply as a company applicant in either Professional Stream or HKYEP under CCMF Hong Kong Programme.

For the company applicant in the Hong Kong Young Entrepreneur Programme Stream, all the business owners must be aged in 18-30 upon application deadline in addition to the setup of a limited company registered and incorporated in Hong Kong upon admission. In addition, the designated business owner should stay in the team during the CCMF project period.

For the company applicant in the Professional Stream, the applicant is at least 18 years old upon application deadline in addition to the setup of a limited company registered and incorporated in Hong Kong upon admission.

5. How long is the application and admission process and how does it work?

Application submission before deadline > Initial screening after application deadline for eligibility check > Shortlisting eligible applications to attend Presentation > Presentation and Vetting (shortlisted applicants only) > Results announcement > Reference check by Cyberport > Sign agreement for admission > Project period get started

In general, it takes around 3-4 months after application deadline to complete the process. e.g. If application deadline is April, the presentation for shortlisted applicants ONLY will be held in May. The result will be announced in June and agreement signing with the awarded projects upon passing the reference check in July; hence, the CCMF start day will be in July.

6. Can I receive a similar grant or funding as CIP or CCMF from other publicly-funded organisations/ programmes at the same time?

Applicants cannot and are not allowed to receive any grant or funding from other public organisations/ programmes of the same phase as CIP or CCMF at the same time. This is only applicable to a same or similar projects, but not to individuals, company directors or shareholders.

7. Can I use the same project to apply CIP during the CCMF project period?

CCMF grantee can apply CIP with the same project only after the CCMF project completion.

8. Will you keep my idea a secret?

All CCMF applications are treated with strict confidentiality. Successful applicants may be required to share their ideas with a broader audience.

9. Is there an application fee?

No, there is no fee for the application process.

10. What do I need to submit to apply?

All applicants need to submit the online application and required supporting documents through our online portal.

11. When can I apply?

We accept applications all year round, applications received will be processed in three batches.

Ask us anything

Call (852) 3166-3900 during office hours

Email ccmf_enquiry@cyberport.hk

* The service of the hotline and fax will cease to operate with effective from 1 April 2021. For enquiries, please contact via email.

for the CCMF Hong Kong Professional Stream

for the CCMF Hong Kong Young Entrepreneur Programme

Remarks: Applicants are required to submit online applications via Cyberport Entrepreneurship Management System.

Please check out the CCMF Guides and Notes for Applicants and FAQ before submission.

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