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Cross-Boundary Programme

Cyberport Creative Micro Fund —
Cross-Boundary Programme - Cyberport Greater Bay Area Young Entrepreneurship Programme
HK$1,000,000 cash grant to realise your idea

Supported by Cyberport Creative Micro Fund ("CCMF") Cross-Boundary Programme, the Cyberport Greater Bay Area Young Entrepreneurship Programme ("GBA YEP") brings young talents from Hong Kong, Macau and cities in Guangdong including Greater Bay Area together to develop digital tech innovations. The programme aims to deepen participants’ experience of launching ideas in a multicultural environment and to facilitate business soft-landing and development in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and overseas.

A total of HK$1,000,000 grant* will be given to successful applicants over six months to produce proof of concepts and prototypes.

The programme provides all-round support to young talents who are interested to kick start their ideas and businesses, allowing them to unleash their potential and lay the foundation for start-up success in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China as well as exploring global business opportunities.

Entrepreneurship boot camp and training will be provided in the programme, which aims to facilitate team formation and equip applicants with entrepreneurship knowledge and start-up experiences; enable participants to understand the business environment, opportunities and challenges of high potential or cluster-focused areas in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and overseas markets.

Cyberport and programme co-organisers^ will also provide intensive mentoring and help connect the participants to start-ups, potential partners and investors.

*Each successful application will be granted HKD100,000

^ Programme Co-organisers: Hong Kong Information Technology Joint Council, PKU-HKUST Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institution, The Shenzhen-Hong Kong Union for Promoting Science and Technology, the Guangdong Software Industry Association, Macao Young Entrepreneur Incubation Centre and The Association for Promotion of Science and Technology of Macau.

Programme benefit

Apart from cash grant, CCMF participation gives you access to Cyberport’s extensive resources and support for innovators and entrepreneurs, including:

Mentorship and
business advice

Business development and investment connections

A local and global
business network

Publicity and promotion

Industry recognition
and validation

Alumni network and
peer support

Successful completion of CCMF programme may increase your chance of acceptance to our Cyberport Incubation Programme.

How it works

The programme is divided into two stages of application. Applicants should submit individual programme applications at the first stage. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to join the entrepreneurship boot camp to facilitate formation of Hong Kong-Guangdong joint teams composing of Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong participiants and equip the entrepreneurship capability with an in-depth understanding on market opportunities in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.

After the boot camp, each project leaded by team should submit one CCMF application with the project details in the second stage.

Cyberport takes no ownership of any of your assets or intellectual property. Successful applicants each will receive a HK$100,000 grant for expenses related to product development.

You will need to implement your project within six months. During this time you must submit interim and final reports. The grant is disbursed in three stages.

Stage 1


Arranged upon signing the CCMF agreement

Stage 2


Arranged upon approval of the interim report

Stage 3


Arranged upon project completion and approval of the final report

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