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Vol. 97 Sep 2016

The Digital Entrepreneur Leadership Forum (DELF) is celebrating its 10th anniversary as Cyberport’s annual signature conference on 6 October focusing on the development of smart mobility. This year, industry leaders and global experts will share their knowledge of how to optimise the power of smart mobility to deliver real positive impact to common urbanisation issues around the world.

With technological disruption reshaping markets and transforming the world, “The Future of Innovation: Conference on Disruptive Technologies” on 7th October is pertinent as it aims to highlight technologies that will have the greatest impact on economics, business models and people.

Cyberport incubatee M Visioner plans to launch its signature product “3D Intelligent Pathological Medical Image Solutions” to the market this October. The company has drawn on medical imaging, computer science, physics and virtual reality technology to develop the first virtual reality medical platform in Mainland China...


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