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Vol. 104 Apr 2017

Cyberport has unveiled a new three year strategic plan aimed at grooming a new breed of digital entrepreneurs to help drive the transformation and value creation of the Hong Kong economy. The plan promises to expand the...


Cyberport launched the HK$200-million Cyberport Macro Fund (CMF) in August last year to co-invest in start-ups with seed to Series A funding, thereby fostering the development of venture capital and angel investments in Hong Kong. Cyberport’s incubatee, Lynk, a global knowledge sharing platform, became this initiative’s first investee. Lynk connects people with...

Cyberport’s tenant, incubatees, alumni and Smart-Space companies took home a string of industry awards at this year’s Hong Kong ICT Awards. Of note were incubatee FeedMe Ltd., alumnus Void and Smart-Space company GoAnimate who won the Grand Awards in their individual categories celebrating their innovation and entrepreneurship. GoAnimate also won...

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