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Vol. 105 May 2017

Alibaba’s JUMPSTARTER 2017 is the latest mega programme, hosting a series of pitches from May to September.  The top teams will compete in a November Finale for the chance of accessing the US$3M investment from Alibaba!  JUMPSTARTER 2017 is designed to support the development of local start-ups and promote the city’s entrepreneurial scene...


Cyberport empowered young girls aged between 10-18 by showcasing their apps in Hong Kong at a Final Pitch on 7 May for their participation in Technovation, the world’s longest running girls-only technology and entrepreneur competition.  In showing their tech-savviness, the girls demonstrated their apps and pitched their solutions to a panel of judges...


Cyberport incubatee, and Cyberport Creative Micro Fund alumnus, HEYCOINS has launched a new solution that turns cumbersome metallic currency into digital currency, bringing the city a step closer to becoming a cashless society.  Members of the public can deposit their coins at any of the 50 kiosks across the city, where they can then be converted into digital...

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