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Vol. 107 July 2017

Over 120 local start-ups, of which more than ten came from Cyberport, participated at the much anticipated three-day RISE in Hong Kong this July, enjoying an unbeatable global stage where businesses featured their best ideas. Participating start-ups from Cyberport included Aftership, Bonnect, Booqed, Dragon Law, Nexchange, Seasonalife, AppQuick, E-Fever...


With summer coming into play, we kicked off this year’s Cyberport University Partnership Programme (CUPP) to get the new 21 university teams prepared and equipped for the exciting journey on FinTech entrepreneurship. Dr. Toa Charm, Chief Public Mission Officer at Cyberport, opened the session, before being joined by Ir. Allen Yeung, Government Chief Information Officer...

Cyberport incubatee Origami Labs launched, in mid-July, ORII, the world's first voice-powered smart ring that instantly turns your finger into a smartphone, shifting communication towards a seamless voice interface. The company introduced its newest technology on Kickstarter, a global platform that supports those in creative industries to transform their ideas into a reality...

Smart-Space company Privé Managers recently added to its list of industry awards by being named to the Financial IT Pathfinder 2016/2017 Global Rankings’ Top 50. Recognised for its award-winning global wealth and asset management platform, Privé Managers was the only FinTech company from Hong Kong named to the list and one of only two self-funded companies...

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