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Vol. 135 Dec 2019
oneCHARGE launches EV charging station in Seoul, wins two remarkable industry awards in Hong Kong
Cyberport incubatee oneCHARGE wrapped up October with highlights galore. It launched its first Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station in Seoul for the Lotte Group and the Seoul IFC Mall and snatched two influential industry awards here at home.
oneCHARGE’s Korean foray came after it completed the Lotte Accelerator L-camp programme and received the conglomerate’s investment. The development will set the young company off on a promising future in Korea.
Today, most EV owners, Tesla or otherwise, finding EV chargers can be a headache. To this end, oneCHARGE’s solutions can prove to be a blessing for the proliferation of EV chargers.
oneCHARGE’s patented solution can convert any parking space into an EV charging station. Having limited power supply in the car park?  oneCHARGE’s dynamic load-balancing can adjust the current load in real time, and its AI capabilities can analyse the vehicle’s State of Charge (the status of charging like percentage and charge indicator), model, type, and the driver’s habits to offer the best charging speed for users. With no extra equipment required.
Hardware aside, the company also develops its own software solutions. By combining AI and computer vision, oneCHARGE’s EV charging stations can identify vehicles and start charging automatically, and notify drivers of the charging status in real-time through an app. In addition, oneCHARGE’s integrated payment gateway enables easy payments, smoothing the charging experience even further.
Car park management can also benefit from oneCHARGE’s Management Platform to easily monitor the EV charging systems, such as the chargers’ usage and energy consumption.  Smart data analytics and remote service recovery capabilities also mean easier administration.
The Cyberport start-up was awarded the Gold Award in the Electronics Industries Award 2019, a top honour of the electronics industry in Hong Kong, and was selected as the 1st Runner-up at the Hong Kong Value Creation for Technology Pitch Competition.  The awards attest to the excellence of oneCHARGE’s innovations as recognised not only by the industry but by venture capitalists and professional investors alike.
oneCHARGE is currently seeking pre-A investments and is expanding its charging network across Asia.
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oneCHARGE launches EV charging station in Seoul, wins two remarkable industry awards in Hong Kong
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