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Vol. 135 Dec 2019
Archon Forge Games release 3D Action Role-Playing Game and eyes esports potential
Cyberport esports start-up Archon Forge Games is on track to release a revolutionary dark gothic Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG) that adds traditional 2D fighting-game mechanics to a 3D open-world. It will be the second of such ARPG games worldwide.
The game has been four years in the making. Archon’s team of AAA artists, programmers, project managers, senior partners, and consultants have been testing, world-building, organising, and developing top-tier graphics on the newest Unreal Engine. This game engine supports state-of-the-art features, such as ray-tracing, multiplayer networking, Matinee (Cinematography), and Niagara (newest visual effects), and rapid deployment from PC to consoles (e.g. PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo).

The game is one of two 3D ARPGs with competitive fighting game features on the market today (the other being For Honor, which has sold 3+ million copies). It has the potential to become the next esports staple as the industry moves towards true 3D competitive games. This development follows the trend started by such wildly popular games as League of Legends and carried forward by Fortnite, another mega-hit.
Archon Forge Games is eyeing the hardcore gamer market and foresees initial sales coming mainly from the US and Japan. This promising market has multiple games selling more than 10 million copies and raking in US$1 billion annually, with few titles to satisfy the demand.
Pre-sale launch of the game has finished through Kickstarter with 11% overfunding, totalling over HK$390,000 being raised. They will also explore other crowdfunding platforms, direct pre-sales, and early access platforms including Steam Greenlight and the Epic Game Store at a later date. The start-up is planning an initial beta release in January followed by an early beta in March and an official launch in June 2020.
Cyberport is proud to support Archon Forge Games and their game Demon Knights of Ankhoron which completed their Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF) program earlier this year. “We are excited by the prospects of this game and look forward to seeing more successful games from Hong Kong.” said by Kevin Chuang, CEO and Founder of Archon Forge Games.
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Archon Forge Games release 3D Action Role-Playing Game and eyes esports potential
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