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Vol. 135 Dec 2019
Perhelp matches SMEs with up-to-the-job talent on demand
SMEs looking for a short-term skill set boost or an extra pair of hands for projects can now turn to Perhelp. This Smart-Space company’s platform matches SMEs with a pool of professionals to help SMEs add capabilities to existing teams and bring projects to fruition – just as and when they need it. Best of all, the platform allows SMEs to save time, costs, and hassle from having to screen and recruit freelancers the old way – Perhelp’s professionals are pre-screened and have portfolios to show.
This is what Perhelp calls the “core x flexible” work model.
With close to a thousand professionals in its Agile Talent Pool, Perhelp offers SMEs an armoury of talents and skillsets to draw from so as to meet their operational needs.
Whether it is a social media campaign that needs a marketer, designer, or copywriter for fresh ideas, or a project that calls for a small team of on-demand programmers or illustrators to complement the core team, Perhelp will help SMEs find the best project-talent match. It does so by using a search engine that relies not only on keywords input by user but also on an algorithm that analyses the skills needed, the level of expertise desired, and the track record of the professionals to identify the right professionals.
In order to prevent un-finished projects, Perhelp provides comprehensive protections for their customers. Such as guaranteed talents replacement for free during the warranty period, professional advice to split the project by different phases so that risk can be reduced. Since its inception, Perhelp has matched SMEs with 30 talents for 50 projects already.
The young start-up participated in the Youth Development Fund entrepreneurship competition organised by the Home Affairs Bureau and surpassed 500 other entrants in obtaining funds for their business. It is also collaborating with a French freelance platform LittleBig connection to offer SMEs a greater variety of talent in IT industry.
Perhelp will offer an exclusive offer which is available to members of the Cyberport community soon.
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Perhelp matches SMEs with up-to-the-job talent on demand
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