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Vol. 136 Jan 2020
Helpbe connects those who need a hand with those who can offer one, and more
From the outset, Helpbe has been an online marketplace that provides help with everyday tasks. Like Taskrabbit, the platform also connects people, matches interests, and builds communities.  Two years after its launch, this Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF) grantee is now a community of 5,000 “taskers” with 3,000 users.  It has offices in Hong Kong and in Shenzhen.
Its core business is offering an integrated online marketplace that matches accessible helping hands with those who are seeking help from someone other than those they know. 
While some tasks are mundane like delivery and cleaning, they can be more out-of-the-ordinary or trivial.  For instance, a female user needs help to put up shelf in her apartment, requiring moving of heavy parts and drilling holes on the wall.  Helpbe’s Artificial intelligence (AI) system matches the request to qualified taskers in the vicinity.  The customer picks the tasker who offers the best rate and the right capabilities, and the job gets done.
More than 50 types of services are available, spanning from simple errands, such as moving things, fixing computers, or queuing for tickets, to professional services, such as designing websites, accounting, or even fengshui consulting. The service offers convenience to those who need a hand and additional income source to those with a service to offer, like freelancers.
In addition to services, Helpbe connects people with common interests.  The platform lists an assortment of activities, such as interest classes or meet-ups, in different neighbourhoods.  Helpbe will notify users of activities nearby that match their interests, so that they can meet new friends.  The system’s machine learning capabilities will also learn and refine their matches to produce better results.
Helpbe is now setting its sights on Taiwan and other parts of Asia.  It has also launched a Helpbe Mall that lets users redeem gifts and privileges from partner stores with Helpbe Dollars.
“Cyberport provides a conducive environment for young entrepreneurs like us who wish to use technology ideas to ‘offer help’ to the Hong Kong society, big and small.  It also provides a channel for us to exchange and incubate ideas with other successful startup and unicorns.” said by William Tsang, founder of Helpbe.
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Helpbe connects those who need a hand with those who can offer one, and more
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