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Vol. 137 Feb 2020
Grwth and FindDoc support home learning and health updates during the epidemic
As schools are closed, homes become workplaces, and people practice social distancing to keep Covid-19 at bay, digital solutions are helping people to maintain normal living, stay connected on their businesses or studies.  A handful of Cyberport start-ups, with their variegated innovative solutions, are offering useful ways to help Hong Kong ride out these unusual times.
Grwth is an EduTech start-up that virtually connects and engages schools, students, parents, and communities through a handy mobile app.  Since the suspension of schools after the Chinese New Year, Grwth promoted Pagamo to their school networks. It is an online learning platform co-developed with another Cyberport start-up e2sport, which offers free access for teachers to more available materials to continue schooling and connecting with students safely at homes.  Some 450 schools have already signed up, and the first batch of users will soon be able to access a trove of learning materials tailored for different grades, from primary 3 to secondary 3 levels.
More importantly, Grwth opens up its instant messaging feature for free to let schools communicate with parents and students in time on the latest school news and information.   Adam Chan, Grwth’s founder, said, “we hope to contribute our expertise and leverage digital technology to help students, educators, and parents maintain learning, teaching, and efficient communication during this difficult time.”. 
FindDoc is a one-stop platform for the public to find professional health information and make medical appointments with just a few clicks. While all are seeing lots of anti-epidemic tips or information around from different sources every day, FindDoc is keeping the public appraised of genuine and credible health information through FindDoc Learn. It’s a library of informative videos and articles contributed by a pool of more than 300 registered doctors with respect to the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for various diseases to promote disease literacy and prevention. A new content series, Fact-check First, has been launched to help the public verify viral anti-epidemic tips with doctors and specialists.
FindDoc also runs an intuitive solution that allows patients to find and make medical appointments easily with more than 1,000 private clinics across the city.  With the shortage of face masks and protective equipment, as well as the threat of community contagion causing disruption of clinic services, FindDoc allows healthcare providers to publish their latest operating hours for easy search and reference by users.  Furthermore, to ease the workload of healthcare professionals, the start-up has opened up new feature of real-time video consultations with registered nurses to obtain preliminary health assessment so as to determine whether further check-up is necessary.
“All of these measures are meant to allay the pressure on our healthcare professionals, lessen the disruption caused to public medical services, as well as promote health education and availability of information,” said Ivan Ng, CEO & Founder of FindDoc.
Grwth and FindDoc are but two examples of Cyberport start-ups coming together to make good through digital technology while the city is weathering through the rough time.  See more at iStartup.
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Grwth and FindDoc support home learning and health updates during the epidemic 
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