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Vol. 137 Feb 2020
Exclusive private dining experience with MobiChef’s personal chefs and bespoke menus
Here is a new space for a marketplace: personal chefs. MobiChef’s online marketplace connects personal chefs with gourmet diners who are looking for a bespoke dining experience right from the comforts of home.
The platform, which is Hong Kong’s first personal chef marketplace, has hundreds of menus with more than 20 cuisines and dozens of personal chefs.  Diners simply select the menu they like, pick a date, and the personal chef who designed that menu will come, cook, and serve.  They will even clean up the cookware afterwards.
This Cyberport incubatee’s service is perfect for families, food enthusiasts, and wine lovers looking to enjoy delectable private dining without the hubbub of restaurant dine-in.  The beauty of such special gourmet experience is that diners can even interact with the culinary expert to get the insider scoop on food, cooking, and trends.
Foodies and diet-conscious eaters who prefer special dining experience can request menus and services tailored to their tastes. Those with a refined palette for great food and fermented grape juice can choose MobiChef’s wine pairing package when they hire a chef.  The platform also offers other add-on services, such as tableware rental, waitstaff, and even venue decoration to cater to larger parties.
The benefits of this platform are mutual. MobiChef enables personal chefs to develop their own catering businesses without a big outlay and to get closer to the people who love their cooking.
As for those hungry to “cater” to their inner-chef, MobiChef has started offering cooking classes by partnering with professional chefs and different venues for some interactive tutoring and fun learning.
MobiChef is now collaborating with other community start-ups to create synergy and is looking to expand to other markets.
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Exclusive private dining experience with MobiChef’s personal chefs and bespoke menus
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