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Vol. 137 Feb 2020
Digital Oasis takes music and arts to next level of audio-visual sensation
Cyberport start-up Digital Oasis creates innovative electronic gadgets with a fun artistic twist. Its VisualSonic series features high-fidelity Bluetooth speakers concealed inside framed art piece.  The chemistry is magical - merging speaker and mounted painting, catching eyes and ears alike, which perfectly creates audio-visual delight for the senses leveraging seamless smart living technology.
VisualSonic is made possible by the start-up’s patented new sound system, called the Resonance Sound System, which uses a novel material to produce high-fidelity sounds within an ultra-thin space of no more than 3 cm. The system uses the hollow space behind a canvas to conceal vibration speakers which transfer vibrations to a resonance panel and the artwork to produce a rich and high-quality sound output. The product is Bluetooth 5.0 compatible with an operating range of up to 20 meters, and it requires only three hours of charging for a playtime of up to 25 hours.
The ingenious design of VisualSonic opens up a medley of artistic, innovative, and even licensing possibilities:  pairing up artworks for True Wireless Stereo; painting a drawing on canvas to create your very own one-of-a-kind VisualSonic masterpiece; creating an AR version of a memorable photo to relive that special moment; printing licensed characters to match with personal choice of music; or integrating Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, or Google Assistant capabilities and turning a piece of home décor into a smart voice assistant.
When asked about the start-up’s upcoming plans, Stephen Lam, Founder of Digital Oasis, said, “Digital Oasis is now working with different artists and designers around the world to offer a greater variety of modern artworks to match any home décor or personality. Pop art, watercolour, graffiti, illustrations, conceptual art, typography, inspirational quotes – the possibilities are endless! I can foresee VisualSonic incorporating esports and digital entertainment elements in the future, and we are working with Cyberport to explore different artistic and technological collaborations.”
Digital Oasis was awarded the HSBC x HKET Innovative Business Award in 2018, and VisualSonic products are now available in Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, and the UK.
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Digital Oasis takes music and arts to next level of audio-visual sensation
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