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Vol. 138 Mar 2020
Bowtie stands with Hong Kong community in battling the epidemic
From the “foot shake”, the elbow bump to pressing lift buttons with anything but fingers, people around the world are heeding the advice of health specialists by keeping their hands clean to survive the epidemic.
Cyberport start-up, local virtual insurer Bowtie is also pitching in to help Hong Kong stay healthy and focused on the epidemic battle. It has partnered with the MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node to organise a DIY hand sanitiser production workshop to produce and distribute hand sanitisers to Bowtie’s clients and the less fortunate in society.  The partnership has already distributed more than 10,000 bottles of hand sanitisers and is setting its sights on producing 100,000 more. 
Knowing that people in Hong Kong prefer browsing the internet for the latest news and health advice, Bowtie is also leveraging its platform to provide easy-to-find, credible health-related information. In February alone, more than one million visitors visited the site to catch up on the latest situation, health tips, and anti-epidemic recommendations.
Additionally, Bowtie has enhanced the coverage of its VHIS to offer its clients better protection. The company will waive the relevant fees should a client need a lung/ chest CT scan or an X-ray to determine whether he or she has the relevant medical conditions. It also provides additional hospital cash allowance for clients who are hospitalised or placed in isolation wards.
“With healthcare workers fighting the epidemic on the frontlines, often having to stay away from their homes and families, Bowtie is offering them additional protection and peace of mind as well. The company will exempt the VHIS premium for the medical staff and their families to protect the medical staff as they protect Hong Kong,” said Fred Ngan, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Bowtie.
“As a made-in-Hong-Kong insurance start-up, we feel a special duty to give back to Hong Kong and our fellow citizens particularly during these challenging times. We are in this together. Let us win this together.”
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Bowtie stands with Hong Kong community in battling the epidemic 
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