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Vol. 138 Mar 2020
Roborn Technology’s 5G smart robots join the fight against Covid-19
At a time when cities are scrambling to combat Covid-19, Cyberport’s incubatee and robotics specialist - Roborn has adapted its robots to augment human efforts to monitor public health outliers, to contain the epidemic, and to protect health workers who would otherwise have to risk exposure while achieving the same results.
The team at Roborn has developed a smart robot, called PEP3000, that can move around public places, such as medical institutions, shopping malls, and airports, to monitor body temperatures and detect, identify, and report anomalies.
Moving up to one metre per second, the robot can measure the body temperatures of people within five metres and issue alert when it detects a person with abnormal body temperature. It will also take pictures of the “close contacts” who are nearby. The photos will be stored in full compliance with the privacy laws and used only to facilitate rapid tracking, if it later becomes necessary. In addition, the robot can disseminate health information and educate the public about disease prevention at the same time.
Remarkably, the prototype of the smart robot was created in just 15 days after the Wuhan lockdown, an event that prompted Mark Mak, Roborn’s Co-founder, and Professor Larry Poon, Roborn’s Co-founder and Professor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School to find ways to support the frontline medical staff as they battle the virus.
“We really want to help,” said Mark Mak. “Promoting ‘Techanization™’ is what we do best — we integrate technology into an ecology to enhance the productivity, efficiency, and quality of life of human workers. By offloading some of the necessary tasks to robots and enhancing the efficiency of disease monitoring in our community, we can help Hong Kong battle the novel coronavirus. We will be adding additional features as we fine-tune the robot.”
Alice So, Head of Entrepreneurship of Cyberport, said, “we are grateful to Roborn and many of our other start-ups for stepping up and contributing their innovative expertise and solutions. Roborn’s story is yet another fantastic example of Cyberport start-ups finding ingenious ways to solve real world pain points, to add value, and to help Hong Kong and the world mitigate an unprecedented situation.”

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Roborn Technology’s 5G smart robots join the fight against Covid-19
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