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Vol. 138 Mar 2020
Graphen mimics human brain functionality for wide-ranging AI solutions
Graphen is an AI start-up of Cyberport that offers a suite of AI-powered solutions built upon its own next-gen AI platform. Taking cues from how the human brain functions, this Smart-Space company has developed three signature AI products — CyberImmue, AI Finance, and AI Medical — that offer elegant solutions to complex problems faced by various industries.
The key to Graphen’s technology is how it mimics human brain functionality to develop new capabilities in advanced vizualisation, autonomous learning, cognitive feeling, machine reasoning, strategic thinking, human understanding, and prediction - all augmented by big data.
Take CyberImmue, for example. The solution offers corporations a defence mechanism against internal cybersecurity threats, such as espionage, sabotage, and fraud, by leveraging user behaviour analytics. Built upon a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) architecture, CyberImmune gathers all relevant and available information about users, devices, applications, networks and contexts, detects anomalies at various levels, and generates an aggregate risk assessment that predicts the cybersecurity risks of all entities within the organization. The system is already deployed by one of the top three banks in Mainland China as its internal cybersecurity solution. 
Such cognitive capabilities are also present in Graphen’s two other products, AI Finance and AI Medical. The former is a suite of AI-powered solutions for financial institutions to improve their anti-financial crime, customer intelligence, and wealth management capabilities. The latter is an ensemble of AI-powered medical solutions that apply big data and AI technologies to achieve medical intelligence, big data gene analysis, and proteogenomic pathway analysis that will be useful for future precision medicine development. 
Applications of Graphen’s solutions are plentiful. In addition to the three signature products, the company has completed product development of “Trade Finance Smart Due Diligence” and is spearheading the application of AI-powered Anti-Money Laundering and Fraud Detection in Taiwan.
Graphen is now planning a global expansion including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and other Southeast Asian countries and is building up teams and soliciting collaboration with top-tier financial institutions in these cities.
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Graphen mimics human brain functionality for wide-ranging AI solutions
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