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Vol. 138 Mar 2020
 Cyberport launches FinTech Training Programme to better equip financial practitioners    
Cyberport debuted a FinTech training programme catered for financial practitioners. Named the “Cyberport Financial Practitioners FinTech Training Programme”, the year-long programme is designed to enrich Hong Kong’s FinTech talent pool, promote FinTech adoption by financial institutions, and speed up the digital transformation of the financial sector...

Bowtie stands with Hong Kong community in battling the epidemic  
From the “foot shake”, the elbow bump to pressing lift buttons with anything but fingers, people around the world are heeding the advice of health specialists by keeping their hands clean to survive the epidemic.
Cyberport start-up, local virtual insurer Bowtie is also pitching in to help Hong Kong stay healthy and focused on the epidemic battle. It has partnered...

Snapask raises US$35M in Series B amid “capital winter” and pathogen scare   
Global economic headwinds and the “capital winter” continue to impede start-up financing. Snapask, however, has proven its worth by raising US$35 million in Series B financing, led by Singaporean private equity fund Asia Partners. The funding sends Snapask’s total capital raise to US$50 million, giving it new fuel to pursue the emerging Southeast Asian opportunities...

Ember Entertainment launches Hong Kong’s first home-grown collectable card game   
Esports start-up Ember Entertainment recently launched its first collectable card game, Realm of Alters. The game, which is also Hong Kong’s first locally produced online trading card game, racked up more than 150,000 downloads in just three weeks. Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store both featured the game in the Game Category, and gamers responded enthusiastically...

Roborn Technology’s 5G smart robots join the fight against Covid-19  
Open Ocean Camera’s advanced technology raises marine life research effectiveness
Graphen mimics human brain functionality for wide-ranging AI solutions
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