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Vol. 139 Apr 2020
12 Cyberport entrepreneurs named Forbes’ “30 Under 30 Asia 2020”
Forbes magazine recently announced its fifth “30 Under 30 Asia” list, identifying a new cadre of exemplary under-30 entrepreneurs, innovators, and gamechangers who are “disrupting industries and tackling major global issues” and “challenging conventional wisdom and rewriting the rules for the next generation”.

Among the honourees are 12 entrepreneurs from 7 Cyberport community companies. They include the founders of EventXtra, Rocketbots, Mellow, Qupital, Spread-it, Pickupp, and MM Community. These individuals were chosen by industry veterans from more than 3,500 nominations submitted across the Asia-Pacific and were singled out for their achievements in five of the categories.

Angus Luk of event management platform, EventXtra, and Gerardo Salandra of AI chat automation platform, Rocketbots, were selected for the Enterprise Tech category. Their success in transforming thousands of businesses with technology to improve user experience and accelerate intelligence automation earned them their spots on the list.

Chester Szeen and Teresa Chan of Mellow and Andy Chan and Winston Wong of Qupital are listed in the Finance and Venture Capital category. Mellow’s personal finance app for children and Qupital’s lending service for underbanked SMEs have captured markets unserved by large financial services and conventional tech solution providers.

Spread-it’s Timothy Ng and Winnie Lee are both in the Media, Marketing & Advertising category, being recognised for changing the industry and opening up a marketing space for young digital-natives with their micro-influencer marketing platform.

In the Retail & Ecommerce category, Paco Chan is chosen for reinventing shopping with innovative logistics platform Pickupp.  Moving onto the Social Entrepreneurs category, Justin Chan, John Mak, and Desmond Ho from MM Community were honoured for helping to raise funds for Burmese public infrastructure projects with their crowdsourcing platform. 

Eric Chan, Chief Public Mission Officer of Cyberport, said, “We offer our sincere congratulations to these Cyberport start-ups that are recognised in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list. We are glad to see Cyberport’s start-ups shining on the international stage. These honours are commendations for their entrepreneurial spirit, global vision and leadership and also a recognition to Cyberport’s effort in nurturing young entrepreneurs.”
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12 Cyberport entrepreneurs named Forbes’ “30 Under 30 Asia 2020”
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