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Vol. 139 Apr 2020
Happy Baton’s toy library keeps children edutained at low cost
Parents selecting toys for their young children often have a lot to think about - educational value, the price, the space occupied, and the perceived happiness the toys would bring.  With class suspension lasting for months, the need for toys to keep children entertained and learning only adds to these considerations.  To help with this struggle, Cyberport Creative Micro Fund grantee Happy Baton is offering a sustainable solution: Hong Kong’s very first online toy library.

This toy rental platform allows parents to easily access hundreds of quality toys without having to buy and store them. A wooden kitchen toy set that is too bulky to store? A beautiful jigsaw puzzle that may be assembled only once? Parents simply need to pick the toy to rent, schedule delivery, play, return, and repeat. Borrowing and swapping toys with one another can also instil the virtues of sharing, buying less, and replaying loved toys.

All toys available on the platform are thoroughly sanitised and disinfected after every use and before the next delivery. The company uses children-safe, anti-bacterial natural disinfectants and a hospital-grade professional dry steam cleaner to ensure that the toys are safe for both the children and the environment.

Happy Baton is now working on curating toy boxes for children of different ages. Its “Toy Experts”, including speech pathologists, child behaviour therapists, and child development professionals, will design toy boxes that target the cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional needs of children to support their continual development. Parents will also get a developmental milestone chart to track their child’s progress.

As for bolstering its own business growth, Happy Baton has been tapping the support and opportunities offered by the Cyberport community. It is gaining valuable industry insights, learning about market practices and trends, and collaborating with other Cyberport start-ups, such as GRWTH, to reach a wider audience and to scale further.
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Happy Baton’s toy library keeps children edutained at low cost
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