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Vol. 139 Apr 2020
Workeroom users grew 120% to cater surging demand for professional service
Shifting economic conditions and the coronavirus are rapidly remoulding the world of work and talent matching. More businesses are tapping Workeroom’s flexible and on-demand HR services for greater agility and a better bottom line, while a growing number of sequestered professional service providers are relying on this marketplace to seek and serve clients. As a result, Workeroom saw its user base grow by 120% on the quarter.

The new members are attracted to join the platform because of its B2B focus. In addition to featuring a pool of qualified professionals and a range of high-demand business services, such as graphics and design, video and photography, translation and writing, marketing, tech solutions, and corporate services, Workeroom was purposefully designed with business, corporate, and professional speed and needs in mind.

Unlike B2C services that deal with relatively simple deliverables, B2B services often entail longer lead-time, multiple project milestones, and a greater service level and qualifications from the providers.  To ensure that both clients and service providers match well with peace of mind, Workeroom’s novel HR recruitment model facilitates the parties to specify and understand each other’s requirements, pricing, and expectations before they confirm the commitment. The platform also has a range of protections in place to safeguard the interests of all contracting parties for a smoother experience.

Thousands of professional and skilled gig workers have already signed up to the platform, and Workeroom is now servicing such business clients as LinkedIn, Lalamove, K11, Kerry Properties, and many others.

Workeroom is now looking to expand into other Asian markets to capture the opportunities opened up by the growing demand for agile and cost-effective HR solutions.  

This Cyberport Smart-Space company is also keen in sharing and collaborating with start-ups within the community. Workeroom hosted a workshop about outsourcing at Smart-Space 8 in Tsuen Wan last year and shared tips to help fellow start-ups strengthen their business and manage business collaborations better.
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Workeroom users grew 120% to cater surging demand for professional service
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