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Vol. 143 Aug 2020
WineWorld Xplorer’s sophisticated platform aspires to be next-generation “Digital Wine Bank”
Any fine wine enthusiast, collector, or trader will have come across the name WineWorld Xplorer (WWX).

Since 2018, this global wine trading and investment platform has allowed traders and investors alike to buy, bid, and sell fine wines from sellers across Hong Kong, France, and the UK. Using WWX’s superb post-trading logistics and storage support, buyers can easily ship or store the wines. They can also manage their prized assets with WWX’s investment management tools.

Many may not be aware, WWX is currently a member of Cyberport Incubation Programme.  It is now developing AI and robo-advisory “VinTech” capabilities to augment its wine investment services and tools.

WWX’s AI-powered wine portfolio management system enables customers to keep track of their asset distribution and the drinkability, quality, past-present-future performance of their wines. By aggregating a broad spectrum of external wine data, the system is capable of performing real-time portfolio valuation and offering data-driven wine investment advisory to users, thus setting WWX on a path towards becoming a next-generation “Digital Wine Bank”.

In addition, a powerful wine investment robo-advisory module is in the works. The module can provide traders and collectors with fine wine data analytics and price prediction to enhance their trading and investments; and help novice wine investors map out their wine investment strategy.

Already operating in Hong Kong, UK, and France, WWX is set to enter the Singaporean market this year. Being one of the final winners of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council Startup Express 2020, the company is also looking for investment partners to introduce WWX into Mainland China and Asian markets.
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