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Vol. 144 Sep 2020
Cyberport wins “Excellence Award” of 2020 HKMA Quality Award
In recognition of its quality management strategies and contributions in driving Hong Kong’s I&T development and supporting start-ups’ growth journey, Cyberport was recently awarded the “Excellence Award” of the 2020 HKMA Quality Award, presented by the Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA).
HKMA Quality Awards are conferred to companies that excel in leadership, strategic planning, customer and market focus, workforce focus, operations, results, as well as measurement, analysis, and knowledge management.
Cyberport’s achievements in fostering a vibrant and diverse I&T ecosystem for Hong Kong in the past 15 years, including in cultivating talent, promoting industry development, and integrating new and traditional economies, were regarded highly by the judges.
Also winning the HKMA’s acclamation resonates Cyberport’s agile and timely response to the pandemic, which included the Braving the Epidemic campaign to provide digital solutions offered by the Cyberport community to help Hong Kong cope with every-day challenges, and also the Virtual Career Fair staged earlier this year to meet the industry’s employment needs amidst social distancing.
Peter Yan, CEO of Cyberport, said: “We are pleased to receive the award from the HKMA as a recognition of our work. We will continue to pursue excellence in management to better deliver on our public missions, embrace innovation, and champion a brighter future for Hong Kong’s I&T development.”
This was the second time in a year that Cyberport has been awarded for its excellence in management. Last December, Cyberport’s Board of Directors received the prestigious “Directors of The Year Awards 2019” and “Recognition of Excellence in Board Diversity” from The Hong Kong Institute of Directors.
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Cyberport wins “Excellence Award” of 2020 HKMA Quality Award
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