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Vol. 144 Sep 2020
MediConCen launches “MediEasy Outpatient Service” with Hong Kong Life, offers 1,000 discount quotas for grabs
Medical blockchain start-up, MediConCen recently launched a “MediEasy Outpatient Service” with insurer Hong Kong Life. The service enables clients to easily enjoy outpatient medical services from a network of 500+ doctors, specialists, and TCM practitioners across Hong Kong with the convenience of apps and the power of blockchain and smart contracts.
To celebrate the launch, the companies are offering a flash giveaway. Early subscribers can claim one of the 1,000 quotas to enjoy “MediEasy Outpatient Service” at up to 60% off on regular fees for six months. The service involves no waiting period, exclusions, or underwriting.
What is special about MediEasy is that it is built upon MediConCen’s medical ecosystem and advanced blockchain infrastructure. Insured clients can quickly make appointment bookings with an app.  Participating clinics can swiftly check in patients using QR codes, store and manage patient records on an encrypted blockchain, and enjoy speedy claim settlements afforded by smart contracts between insurers and clinics.
As MediConCen digitises and automates everything from signup to benefit fulfilment, it can minimise manpower and administration expenses, which are traditionally the costliest aspects of outpatient insurance. This means clients can enjoy affordable prices with maximum coverage, and the insurer a highly scalable business.
Both Hong Kong Life and MediConCen were pleased about the collaboration. While the insurer found the start-up’s blockchain technology and doctors’ network to be an asset in helping to meet demand for outpatient services, MediConCen gained invaluable insight into various stakeholders’ needs and learned from the insurer’s depth of industry knowledge.
The free quotas are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Visit MediEasy’s website for details.
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MediConCen launches “MediEasy Outpatient Service” with Hong Kong Life, offers 1,000 discount quotas for grabs
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