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Vol. 145 Oct 2020
MixReward let employees enjoy and customise healthcare benefits at will
According to government and industry statistics, in Hong Kong, some 4.6 million working individuals are not protected by adequate or even any medical insurance, and many of those who have seen their coverage dwindle amid COVID-19.
MixReward, a Cyberport Creative Micro Fund alumni, is targeting this woefully underserved market. It wants to enhance the healthcare protection of Hong Kong’s working population and their families. To achieve this, it is developing a digitised employee well-being solution that even SMEs on a shoestring can join.

MixReward’s solution is elegantly simple. Companies can sign their employees up for an outpatient medical plan, called MixCare, for as little as HK$10 per month per employee. With this, each employee can enjoy up to 70% off medical consultation and medication fees from a network of 900+ doctors across Hong Kong, including specialists, physiotherapists, and Chinese herbalists and bonesetters.

In addition to medical panel networks, MixCare offers a wellness concierge portal for MixCare members to reach out to dietitians, personal fitness coaches, mental care therapists, caregivers, and psychologists for on-demand telehealth and in-person professional service at a discounted rate.

MixReward has realised that many workers without medical benefits have suffered from mental and physical health issues during COVID-19. Instead of dismissing the problem as a lack of budget or resources, the start-up believes that a cost-effective solution can help tackle the problem and at the same time create new business opportunities for healthcare  professionals for a positive sum result.

What sets MixReward’s solution apart from traditional insurance products is that its membership does not require a minimum number of participants to enrol. Indeed, employers can sponsor as many employees as they like, and the employees can purchase or adjust the coverage for themselves and their family as they see fit.

The start-up’s solution is currently under beta-testing, and the company is continually signing up new partners to expand its medical network and wellness product offerings. MixReward is also co-creating a white-label HealthTech app for a leading insurance company to provide premier healthcare concierge service to its client.

Mixreward is now giving away 3-months free trial to new sign-up members for the standard and active membership. Follow the link and enjoy the offer.
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MixReward let employees enjoy and customise healthcare benefits at will
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