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Tech 活動

Smart-Talk: UX Beyond the Screen: Designing "Mobile-First" Digital Experiences (僅提供中文版本)
日期: 25-04-2014
時間: 17:15 - 19:30
地點: 數碼港3座C區9樓901-3室 Smart-Space 3C

It's widely known that mobile proliferation and adoption in emerging markets within Asia are among the highest in the world. Every day, people are adapting and inventing new ways of using mobile technology, creating opportunities for highly creative digital products and services. Customized "digital services" are solving real problems with huge potential to scale with impact.

In this smart-talk, User Experience (UX) experts Patti Hunt & Kristin Low will explore how innovative businesses, entrepreneurs and startups are leading the way in designing mobile-enabled experiences. They'll also share stories and insights from their recent workshops in Manila about how creative startups are having an impact in this space.


EventX raised additional US$8M bringing Series B total at US$18M

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