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» Vol. 60  August 2013


"Internet of Things" conference explores the impact of a smart world


MULTICHANNEL launches global platform product at Cyberport

  Cyberport supported Asia's first IB World Student Conference

Collaboration Centre steps up international collaboration with Canada

    Cyberport incubatee CoachBase leader in sports coaching
  District summer carnival features spectacular performances and celebrates youth scheme  
    Incubatee Perpetu named top ten startup  


Cyberport Smart Kids Fun Day a must for everyone!  

Cyberport tenant Outblaze celebrates 15th anniversary

  Unlocking Yixing Limited Edition 2013  




Cyberport supported Asia's first IB World Student Conference

Cyberport has partnered with The University of Hong Kong and International Baccalaureate to bring to Asia its first ever IB World Student Conference.  Part of the five day conference, which kicked off on 12 August, included interactive tours of the digital hub's Technology Centre, Mobility Experience Centre and hands-on learning sessions with its resident entrepreneurs.  The closing ceremony was took place at Cyberport on 16 August.

The conference provided an opportunity for around 150 high school students from 26 countries/regions to visit Hong Kong and explore how they can use the range of available online tools responsibly and positively to effect change and find solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

The theme of the conference: "iResponsibility: Explore How We Engage in the Online World" featured interactive sessions and workshops taught by industry leaders and academics, many of whom are The University of Hong Kong alumni and some are Cyberport incubatees including the founders of IT Wake Limited, Alan Chiang, Eric Au Yeung, Ken Law and Live it China's Founder, Julian Gaertner, who have built up successful entrepreneurship projects.

"Educating the next generation about the future of technology and how this can shape the world is one of our priorities.  Collaborating on this conference has, in part, moved us closer towards this goal," said Winnie Wong, Cyberport's Head of Marketing.

"IB students from around the world were excited to see the support that Cyberport offers to young ICT entrepreneurs, and the ideas and understanding that came from their Cyberport visits formed the basis for the development, with their teachers, of plans for socially relevant projects -- which they will be carrying forward to the "Creativity-Action-Service" component of their IB studies," said professor John Spinks, Senior Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor at The University of Hong Kong.


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