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Overseas/Mainland Market Development Support Scheme (MDSS)


To continuously support Cyberport community companies, the Overseas/Mainland Market Development Support Scheme (MDSS) is announced by Hong Kong Government to provide a financial subsidy for HKCMCL incubatees or grantees or alumni of Cyberport Incubation Programme (CIP) and Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF) to develop Mainland and Overseas market.


HKCMCL Incubatees or grantees or alumni from CIP and CCMF, who have not raised equal to or more than US$10M funding.


Each applicant can apply for a maximum funding of HK$200,000 financial subsidy within 2 years from the start of the first activity. A maximum 75% of the actual expenses are covered.

Eligible Activity*

  • Overseas/Mainland delegation mission
  • Overseas/Mainland marketing exhibition/conferences
  • Local marketing exhibition for Overseas/Mainland market expansion
  • Landing services for Overseas/Mainland market expansion
  • Online/Offline Marketing Services for Overseas/Mainland market expansion

*Applicants must be applying for joining delegation missions or exhibitions organised, co-organised recommended and supported by Cyberport.

Eligible Expense

  • Programme/Exhibition fee
  • Travel and accommodation expenses
  • Professional landing services expenses
  • Translation and interpretation services for Overseas/Mainland market expansion
  • Certification cost to facilitate regional expansion
  • Distributor service
  • Placement of advertisement on social media platforms and channels, targeting mainland and/or overseas markets
  • Live Streaming Services, targeting mainland and/or overseas markets
  • Advertisements on printed trade publications in mainland and/or overseas markets (outdoor advertising, print media, television advertisements and radio ads)
  • Video for corporate/product branding


“Overseas/Mainland Market Development Support Scheme” Sign-up Form
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Guides and Notes for “Overseas/Mainland Market Development Support Scheme” Applicants
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