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Hong Kong Cyberport FinTech Tour
Date: 17-01-2018
Time: 10:00 - 18:00
Venue: Cyberport

Riding on the renowned Asian Financial Forum (AFF) to be held on January 2018, Cyberport would like to invite guests from all over the world to come and join us to the FinTech Tour to Cyberport - The FinTech Powerhouse in Hong Kong.

Interested parties could register via the registration page: https://goo.gl/forms/sFPC8VIy4EpP5c9A2

Upon your completion of the registration form, please submit the delegation list to collaboration@cyberport.hk


Programme Introduction:

1. Cyberport Introduction

2. FinTech Start-ups Demostration

Cyberport FinTech Start-ups will be presenting and introducing their products and solutions to you:

  • APrivacyCombines invisible data security with convenience for the financial services industry
  • Privé ManagersHarness Financial Intelligence to illuminate your wealth management business
  • Taigera provider of state-of-the-art semantic software, overcoming thesauri and taxonomies limitations through ontologies
  • TNG: e-Wallet for the next generation
3. Network with FinTech Professionals and Experts

4. Visit to the Tailor-made Co-working Space for FinTech Companies

Smart-Space FinTech features an information lab, FinTech Service corners and training rooms for FinTech start-ups, renowned accelerators and quality partners in order to develop innovative FinTech solutions and enhance their business development. In addition, series of networking events, accelerator programmes and knowledge sharing sessions will be organised to foster partnership and collaboration amongst the FinTech community. 

5. Journey at the IngDan Experience Center with Innovative Products

IngDan leverages the sharing economy model to provide or connect all services needed by intelligent device innovators, ranging from technology to manufacturing, to venture capital and financing, to promotion and marketing, to physical experiencing centers. It is a world connector and now the largest platform from China serving smart device communities worldwide.

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