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Cyberport Shanghai Representative Office


The Cyberport Shanghai representative office is more than a showcase for Hong Kong's ICT industry. It also helps Hong Kong's SMEs land and operate more effectively in China's competitive ICT market, allows Shanghai's SMEs to use Cyberport's collaborative platform to enter Hong Kong and the global ICT market, and strengthens long-term business relationships between the ICT industry in both cities.


Companies that enrol in the Collaboration Centre’s Corporate Subscription programme are entitled to enjoy the facilities and services provided by the Shanghai representative office, including a soft-landing area, a meeting room that seats 20, a showcase area and Cyberport’s collaborative network.


Contact Us:


Miss Jolly Yan

Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited

Shanghai Representative Office

Unit 204B, 2/F, 1 KIC, KIC Plaza, 234 Song Hu Road, Yang Pu District, Shanghai, PRC

Tel: 86-21-55122815                        

Fax: 86-21-55122816