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Cyberport Youth

Inspiring the next generation

The first of our important leaps is to inspire a creative and tech-savvy generation of professionals. We want to inspire more young people to follow technology pathways in their education and step up to the ranks of the best coders, programmers and digital innovators of the world. By laying the seeds now, Hong Kong will reap the rewards of greater innovation and more cutting-edge technology entrepreneurs. And of course, it is good for society as a whole. Learning technology translates into more than the possibilities brought by technology-focused careers.  The Youth programmes equip young people to live in a much more technology-driven world, inspire them to be creators of solutions and game-changing ideas, and encourage them to be innovative.

How we are doing it

Cyberport Digital Tech Internship Programme

Cyberport Creative Micro Fund

Cyberport University Partnership Programme

CyberLink Vol.125 February 2019

Be inspired by thriving entrepreneurs’ daring spirit at “We Dare to Venture” Season 2

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CyberLink Vol.124 January 2019

Cyberport spotlights FinTech and InsurTech at Asian Financial Forum 2019

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CyberLink Vol.123 December 2018

Cyberport parades FinTech start-ups at the region’s largest tech events

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