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Application process

How to join CCMF
Cross-Boundary Programme - Cyberport Greater Bay Area Young Entrepreneurship Programme

You need to follow a two-step process to apply CCMF Cross-Boundary Programme.

Stage 1 – Programme application for individual

First, individuals should complete and send the Cyberport Greater Bay Area Young Entrepreneurship Programme Application Form (Doc. Ref. ENC.SF.042) to us, with the required documents, before the application deadline.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to join an entrepreneurship boot camp arranged by Cyberport and the co-organisers. Individual applicants shall form a joint team during the boot camp or before Stage 2 application deadline.

Stage 2 – Joint application

For this step you will need a team of at least two members from Hong Kong and Macau or Guangdong region. At least 50% of your team members must be Hong Kong ID card holders.

Each project should submit one Joint Application Form (Doc. Ref. ENC.SF.041)in which you explain your digital tech idea.

Application timeline

Cyberport Greater Bay Area
Young Entrepreneurship Programme 2020

Application Deadline

4 December 2020 (GMT+8)
1st Stage-Programme application

Entrepreneurship Boot Camp
(More Information)

15 – 17 January 2021 or 22 - 24 January 2021
Language: Putonghua

Application Deadline of Submission of Joint-team CCMF Application Form:
10 February 2021 (GMT+8)

Vetting & Presentation Session
(Shortlisted applicants only)

Mid-March 2021

Result Announcement

End-March 2021

How we select participants

Applications are evaluated by an independent vetting team that includes venture capitalists, academics, industry veterans and trade association members. The selection is according to four criteria:

Project management team (30%)

The capability of the project management team is evaluated according to track record, execution ability, probability of launch, individual qualifications and roles within the team.

Business model and time to market (30%)

The business model is evaluated by the short and long term objectives, apparent market need, target market and marketing strategy, and realistic assessment of the project viability. Projects that launch within three months of grant disbursement are preferred.

Creativity and innovation (30%)

Innovative technology, creative solutions, disruptive ideas, emerging technology and breakthrough problem-solving will score higher.

Social responsibility (10%)

Preference will be given to projects with socially responsible dimensions, such as open source software, creative commons IP, ethical decision making, or which contribute to solving social problems.

Have more questions? Check out the Guides and Notes for Applicants or visit our FAQ section.

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