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Cyberport University Partnership Programme ("CUPP")

The Cyberport University Partnership Programme (CUPP) supported by Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF)  is a life-changing experience to unleash participants’ full potential and gain insights into the global market! This financial technology (FinTech) focused entrepreneurship programme with boot camp, mentorship and competition that aiming at nurturing young FinTech talents for Hong Kong since 2015. The nominated students have unique chance to participate in Overseas Entrepreneurship Boot Camp and receive mentorship from local and international industry elites. The winning teams will receive HK$100,000 grant from CCMF. ​

The Programme offers:
-  A series of FinTech pre-camp nurturing sessions in Hong Kong
-  An Entrepreneurship Boot Camp by prestigious overseas university​
-  Mentorship and insight from FinTech industry elites, both locally and globally
-  Pitch innovative FinTech business idea to investors
-  Win HK$100,000 grant by Cyberport Creative Micro Fund

Admission Requirement
  • Project must be rooted in digital tech and focus on FinTech related with components, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cybersecurity etc. ​

  • Applicants must be nominated by CUPP co-organising university partners.​

  • Applicants must be between 18 to 30 years old (inclusive) upon the nomination deadline.​

  • Applicants must be undergraduate or postgraduate students from CUPP co-organising university partners, either currently enrolled university students or graduated within 3 years from the co-organising universities (i.e. 3 years before nomination deadline).

  • Applicants must have a good command of English.

  • Team members could be a mixture of students from different CUPP co-organising universities.​

  • Each team could have up to 5 members. Suggested team structure: ​

    • 1 team leader (i.e. principal applicant) with Hong Kong ID Card holder and main contact person of the team.

    • Up to 2 core team members with technical/UIUX/FinTech knowledge, who will be joining Entrepreneurship Boot Camp

    • Up to 2 supporting team members, who will NOT be joining Entrepreneurship Boot Camp ​

    • Maximum 3 members per team can join the Entrepreneurship Boot Camp.

Application process & timeline


Details please refer to Guides and Notes for Applicants


Winning teams will receive HK$100,000 grant to Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF)

About Vetting criteria, vetting team compositions, and Grant Disbursement and Others.

Apply now

CUPP is a programme on nomination based. Interested applicants should contact CUPP co-organising universities for nomination.


City University of Hong Kong
HK Tech 300
E  [email protected]   


Hong Kong Baptist University
Office of Student Affairs
(Business Entrepreneurship Support and Training Team)
E  [email protected]


Hong Kong Metropolitan University


Lingnan University
Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative
E  [email protected]  


The Chinese University of Hong Kong
PI Centre
E [email protected]


The Education University of Hong Kong
Entrepreneurship Development Unit (EDuce)
E [email protected]


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Knowledge Transfer and Entrepreneurship Office
E [email protected]


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
HKUST Entrepreneurship Center
E [email protected]


The University of Hong Kong 
HKU iDendron
E [email protected]

Enquiry Email: [email protected]

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CUPP 2021-22 Pre-camp Nurturing Sponsors

CUPP 2020-21 Online Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Partner

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CUPP 2020-21 Supporting Organisations

CUPP 2018-19 Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Partner

CUPP 2016-19 Co-organising Universities

CUPP 2019 Sponsor

CUPP 2019 Travel Partners

CUPP 2019 Supporting Organisations

CUPP 2015-17 Entrepreneurship Boot Camp Partner

CUPP 2015 Co-organising Universities


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