Annual Summary

Cyberport Community
FinTech Companies
Community Members
Smart-Space companies
Talent Cultivation
Digital technology interns 2019/20
Cyberport Creative Micro Fund (CCMF) grantees & Cyberport Inclubation Programme (CIP) incubatees in 2019/20
Cyberport University Partnership Programme (CUPP) participants
Industry Development
Incubatees expanded to global markets to date
No. of local and overseas market development activties supported by Overseas/ Mainland Market Development Support Scheme (MDSS)
All technology events and participations in 2019/20
Start-up Achievements
Accumulated fund raised
Worldwide accolades earned to date
Accumulated Cyberport Macro Fund (CMF) approved projects and total investment
12/ HK $91.68 M
As of March 2020

Board of Directors

Lee George LAM, BBS
Karen CHAN Ka-yin, JP
Christopher CHAO Yu-hang
Ivy CHEUNG Wing-han
Duncan CHIU
Annie CHOI Suk-han, JP
LAU Chun-kong, JP
Michael LEUNG Kin-man, MH
LING Kar-kan, SBS
Victor NG Chi-keung, BBS, MH
Charleston SIN Chiu-shun
Hendrick SIN
Rosana WONG Wai-man
Eric YEUNG Chuen-sing

Chairman’s Statement

Lee George Lam, BBS

Cyberport always stands by
our start-ups and technology companies to weather the challenges together.

Chief Executive Officer’s Report

Peter Yan, JP

Challenges did not hold us
back, but instead allowed us
to show our agile response.

Cyberport Missions

Talent Cultivation and Development

During the year, Cyberport strengthened its comprehensive range of programmes to meet these demands. We have long established talent cultivation as a central pillar of our public missions. Our programmes are designed to inspire, educate, nurture, and enable students, start-ups, scale-ups, entrepreneurs, and industry practitioners to pursue opportunities and build a future in the new economy.

Industry Development

In 2019/20, Sino-US trade tensions and global economic downturn impeded the development of start-ups and technology companies. Early stage start-ups strived to pull through with tighter cash flow and falling sales; while mature start-ups recalibrated development plans for new market conditions. To help community members cope, Cyberport implemented various measures to relieve operating pressure of our community members and maintain their competitive advantage.

Integration of New and Traditional Economies

Adapting to this new normal, we implemented a series of initiatives through the Cyberport Enterprise Network (CEN) and organised dedicated events for start-ups and enterprises to build connections, match solutions, and forge win-win collaborations. Along the way, we continue our mission to bridge the gap between new and traditional economies, drive digital transformation, and strengthen the growth of technology companies.

Market Outreach and Investment

During the year, Cyberport continues to expand its global network of partners and investors for start-ups to grow. With connections established from the US, Canada, and Europe to Mainland China, ASEAN, East Asia, Greater Bay Area (GBA), and along the Belt and Road, we provide our start-ups and technology companies access to global assistance and market opportunities.

The COVID-19 has brought severe challenges to the world. As we face a completely different world and way of life, digital technology applications have become the key to acclimatizing to the new landscape and seizing new opportunities.

Nonetheless, a few young entrepreneurs at Cyberport realised their innovations could contribute to the fight against the virus, kickstarting the ‘Braving the Epidemic’ (BtE) campaign.

Today, Cyberport’s BtE campaign has evolved into a selection of over 60 applications to help fight the epidemic and respond to the new normal, catering to the needs of frontline medical staff, parents, schools or students adapting to home learning, those forced into quarantine at home, grassroots families and other disadvantaged communities, as well as small to large businesses reeling from the pandemic’s economic impact and more.

Corporate Governance Report (as at 31 July 2020)

Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited is committed to maintaining and upholding high standards of corporate governance. We believe that good corporate governance provides the foundation for good corporate performance and is essential to accomplishing our public missions, meeting the expectations of our stakeholders, and attaining long-term and sustainable growth. We have therefore adopted accountability, transparency, fairness, ethics and integrity as the cornerstones of our corporate governance framework.

Looking Forward

The coming year will spell the beginning of our new three-year plan to further bolster our capacities in developing Hong Kong’s I&T sector. We will enhance our ecosystem development and stakeholder engagement, via strengthening our Cyberport Investors Network (CIN), Cyberport Enterprise Network (CEN) and Cyberport Technology Network (CTN); upgrade services infrastructure to include a data services platform and campus management system which will enhance our service provided to start-ups and operations on campus; and enrich our campus infrastructure enabled by smart campus and the Cyberport expansion in development.

At the same time, we will continue to strengthen our efforts in talent cultivation and development, industry development, and integrating new and traditional economies to fulfil our aspirations to be the digital technology hub of Hong Kong.